My story, my power, my gift is that I understand the debilitating depths that fear can bring to life. I understand the feeling of being scared and that allows me the gift to empathise with others who feel the same. I have experienced what it is like to be fearful of external situations and circumstances, when everything in life seems out of control and I also understand what it feels like for life to be great, to be in a beautiful safe space but be responding to the internal fears created in my own mind. Both are different but can be equally as scary.

During my late teenage years my world got flipped upside down, I went from being a confident young lady into feeling like an anxious, vulnerable and scared little girl. My life changed forever; I had a nervous breakdown and pretty much over night became severely agoraphobic, unable to leave my home and having daily panic attacks.

I have known what it is like to be scared for my safety, fearful of life, to be riddled with fear for the safety of loved ones. I understand how it feels to be sacred of myself; my emotions, my behaviours, my ability (and lack of) to hold ‘it all together’ and how scary the impact of others on myself and my life can be. I have felt fear over long periods of time and I have experienced the intense and overwhelming sensation of panic take over my body in the space of a split second. I have spent years living in the future scared of all the ‘what ifs’.

This understanding I now see as a gift. A gift of experience, of empathy, of growth. I am able to hold a space and support others with the gentle embrace of understanding. I am a Psychology graduate and have a long held interest in holistic lifestyle and well-being.

This is my journey so far and now I want to invite you along for the ride too, to share with you my ups and downs, the things that have helped me so far and continue to help me in my search of fear-free living!